Animal Update. Adis Amet!


It’s Ethiopian New Year’s on Tuesday, September 11. I love having something good to look forward to on Sept. 11. This is by some accounts the biggest Ethiopian holiday, celebrated by Muslims, Orthodox, Pentes and the small percentage of people not covered in those three groups. To get ready, we have a steer in our back yard (the first one was a bull, but this one is not any calmer), and will do another kircha on Monday with our staff.

fullsizeoutput_6a3eUntil then, this big guy is hanging out in the back yard with the rest of the peacable kingdom. Sundae the lamb is now drinking a liter of milk a day and working on filling out her nice fat tail. Friday darts around the steer, feeling brave, as long as Mbwa has her back. The chickens got out today to scratch in the compost, and Bruce and I turned over a sodden, stinky pile and layered it with wood shavings from the chicken pen and ash.

She’s a fat-tailed sheep! Touch it. It’s just weird.
Back side, front side. She loves her milk! She gets weaned at the end of the month.
It’s too wet for proper compost, and this STANK.

Animal survey, with compost. The ox was tied with a rope too long, and he kept trashing the flower beds, but I was too frightened of him to shorten the rope.


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