Surprised by Dolphins

This is the year I turn 50. Which is why Bruce planned a trip to Djibouti. That, and because we’re researching the new Ethio-Djibouti railway.  My actual birthday is in July 4th, so this birthday trip comes a bit early, thanks to the three-day weekend. We won’t have a holiday over US Independence, but Ethiopia is celebrating the Downfall of the Derg this weekend and we’re marking that event by slipping away to warmer climes.


As I mentioned, this place is hot! Bruce packed a pair of shorts, but turns out they were Daniel’s. So his wardrobe is a little thin–not thin enough, apparently.

We took a walk last evening, thinking it might be cooler. We walked through the central market and heard the call to prayer. Two men called to us to join them as they broke the Ramadan fast with a watermelon on the veranda outside a small shop. The city comes alive at night–but it’s still hot enough to soak a shirt!

IMG_20180526_175847390img_20180526_174207933.jpgIMG_20180526_173922461This morning we rented a skiff with a diving company, Dolphin Excursions. Bruce did two SCUBA dives and I went snorkeling. Water warm as blood, and clear to the bottom. Table coral, giant clams, sting rays and fish like I was in a living version of Finding Nemo!

Most remarkable were the unexpected dolphins on the way back, about 50 of them. They kept us company for about half an hour, even when we jumped in to swim alongside.

And tomorrow, the train through the desert. I’ll turn 50 any year you like.


2 thoughts on “Surprised by Dolphins

  1. Well hot dang ms. Rose! That seems like a mighty fine way to celebrate 50 and to do so with the finest of fellas. You and Bruce have been on one long adventure these past 10 years and I can’t wait to hear and see what the next ten bring. Hopefully some of them will be back in the States :). I saw that selfishly!


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