Sheep in a box

About a month ago, we bought a sheep. Every year for Genna, Ethiopian Christmas, we buy a sheep and roast it for our staff. Sheep are getting more and more expensive, and it seemed logical to me that instead of buying a ram every year, we should buy a pregnant ewe and raise our own … More Sheep in a box

Unto The Least of These

Friday was a kick-ass day. Ethiopia recently passed China as the country with the largest population of donkeys–seven million–according to Chale Chaburte, the Mercado clinic head for The Donkey Sanctuary. Seriously? We have more donkeys here than all of China? Fifteen thousand of those animals live and work in Addis and about 200 of them … More Unto The Least of These

The Slow Train Home

Thoughts on Djibouti–if being anywhere for two days gives one any authority to have an opinion. Still, I’ll give it a shot. We visited during Ramadan, so during the day it was a ghost town. Djibouti is too hot this time of year, and too expensive all year round.¬†European prices and developing country charm. Fuel … More The Slow Train Home

Surprised by Dolphins

This is the year I turn 50. Which is why Bruce planned a trip to Djibouti. That, and because we’re researching the new Ethio-Djibouti railway.¬† My actual birthday is in July 4th, so this birthday trip comes a bit early, thanks to the three-day weekend. We won’t have a holiday over US Independence, but Ethiopia … More Surprised by Dolphins